At Cooking for a Crowd, we prepare our dishes from fresh ingredients supplied by people that we know and trust.

Because we prepare the dishes ourselves, we know the ingredients that go into our food and the cooking methods employed in their preparation. As a result it is easier to create and develop delicious flavours and to protect the nutritional content and the health benefits. Here are some examples illustrating how we achieve this:

  • We start out with fresh, high quality ingredients, prepared whenever possible on the day of your event. Produce is always checked by our cooks on arrival and kept chilled where necessary. Preparing fruits and vegetables as soon as possible and storing them for short periods at a low temperature both help to minimise vitamin loss.
  • Whenever possible, we prepare vegetables by steaming, or cooking in a small amount of water to reduce loss of nutrients such as Vitamin C and certain B vitamins from exposure to water and heat. These methods of cooking also preserve flavour.
  • Preparation of vegetables and fruit is done as close to service as possible and if the dish allows fruits and vegetables are cut into large segments. Both routines retain nutrients otherwise destroyed by exposure to air and light.
  • In the preparation of our fruits and vegetables, whenever it befits the dish we scrub rather than peel. Certain ingredients especially potatoes, carrots and apples have more nutrients just under the skin, therefore our clients benefit as nutrients, including fibre essential for a healthy diet, are not discarded. This preparation method also provides extra flavour and texture to the dish.
  • We pride ourselves on our delicious homemade stocks and sauces. Each preparation involves a lengthy reduction from a long cooking time that intensifies wonderful flavours. We avoid using bought ready prepared stock as they contain preservatives and flavourings such as a high percentage of salt (typically around 4 grams per stock cube, or just shy of 1 gram per 100ml of made up stock).
  • Care is taken to choose the best cuts of meat for each dish. Our butcher trims excess fat off and the resulting lean cuts are lower in saturated fats. Where possible we also marinade meat to tenderise and enhance the flavour.
  • When recipes include frying or roasting vegetables or fruits, which adds another layer of flavour, we use vegetable oils and not animal fats as much as possible and fry or roast at a steady temperature without burning to reduce the loss of nutrients destroyed by heat.
  • Unless a Client requests otherwise, our sandwich selections are prepared using wholemeal and granary bread.
  • Wherever possible, we add flavour and fibre to dishes. For example we add oats to a fruit crumble topping, wholemeal flour to white flour in certain cakes and tea breads, oats to certain home made biscuit recipes, and as already mentioned, we do not peel but scrub certain fruits and vegetables.
  • We use pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and beans in many of our recipes, particularly vegetarian dishes and salads.
  • Because all our puddings and desserts are prepared from scratch, we control the amount of sugar and fat in our dishes, both of which are added to ready meals to give flavour. We take pride in adding levels of flavour through top quality ingredients such as good chocolate, free range eggs, homemade pastry and perfectly ripened fruits.

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